Health and Safety

The Elder Mine requires the commitment of all its employees to ensure a work environment without incident or accident. The commitment to sustainable development by all employees is fundamental to the success of this mining operation. To maintain these goals, management guides employees by establishing health, safety and sustainability practices with them.

Basic Principles of Health and Safety:

  • Comply with applicable laws while exceeding the expectations of the community;
  • Constantly improve health and safety and ensure that realistic goals are set and re-evaluated;
  • Empower all employees with health and safety issues;
  • Put in place the best possible health and safety practices and integrate them daily on the farm in order to excel in this area;
  • Train employees on an ongoing basis so that they are aware of their responsibilities and work well;
  • Ensure a safe workplace at all times.

Fundamental principles put in place concerning sustainable development:

  • Implement site operating practices that comply with applicable laws and regulations to minimize environmental and social impacts;
  • Encourage all employees to commit and become aware of continuous improvement for the protection of the environment;
  • Integrate risk management by maintaining plans and emergency measures to minimize the impact of unforeseen events;
  • Improve our knowledge to improve our environmental performance by having specific and measurable targets to reduce the impact of disturbance, containment and spills.

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